Our Gaming Servers

Here is a list of our current servers, please have a brief look at them if you would like to play together.

Our main server ip: game.lambda-legion.com

Please have a look at the server port for the server if they require oneĀ 

Most Popular

Latest 1.18 Version for the minecaft server.

Runs several small plugins which doesn’t affect alot to the gameplay such as “Quests”, “Dynmap”, etc.

Our CS:S Server, can hold up 36 players at the same time.

More custom maps will be added in the future.

Latest Servers

A unique survival gamemode for barotrauma, server opens 24/7 and players need to find resources by exploring the deep sea and survive random events.

Which also host some campaign events seldomly, so keep in touch with the news!

Beam MP vanilla server, runs the map Hirochi Raceway

Somehow the UI and stuff are keep showing several errors, we are still trying our best to fix ’em.

A modded terraria server which runs a few mods such as Overhaul etc. and we may change it back to normal for the later times.

Upcoming Servers

We will be releasing our SCP SL server in a short time. since we are still looking for moderators and more members who’d love to join the server, it may take up a while.

Have any advice on servers we should add?

Please tell us at the forum page and we may set up the server as soon as possible!